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Altered “Force of Will” Featuring Mark Tedin’s “Sol Ring”

Altered “Force of Will” Featuring Mark Tedin’s “Sol Ring”

Yet another awesome alteration by Terese Nielsen. This time, Terese upgrades her series of “Burnt” Force of Will(s) by adding Mark Tedin‘s Sol Ring. Amazing match! (Speaking of Tedin, he was last weekend in Lyon and I have some surprises to show you). If you’d like to buy this alteration, it’ll be only for a few days on eBay:

Click here to go to the eBay auction!

There’s an update on her Alteration Policy for those who are interested on having her commisioning a playset for you. The note from her blog reads as it follows:

“I get hundreds of requests to alter Force of Will’s for people.  I do take commissions every so often, but my current strategy is to not take on more than I can finish in a couple months time. I plan on finishing my current list of commissions by the end of May, and will be opening up my schedule to take on a few more commissions in June. If you’re one of the people that have been interested in having me customize your cards (and are familiar with what they sell for) then feel free to contact me with your basic idea and I’ll give you a price quote.”

Happy bidding to everyone!

By the way, for those who can’t really afford Terese Nielsen or Ron Spencer’s alterations, maybe you should try contacting Ken Meyer Jr. from one of the banners we have here at Team Pataners. He’s got pretty economic fares and that’s really nice from him! Use your money now before he reaches the same status than Terese and Ron!

3 Responses to “Altered “Force of Will” Featuring Mark Tedin’s “Sol Ring””

  • Gus Schade (yawg07):

    On last check, both Nielsen and Ron Spencer are asking upwards of $500 for stuff.
    Damn, lol

  • I know for sure, that the last playset she commissioned was charged $3000.

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