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The Juzam Djinn original art is up for grabs!

The Juzam Djinn original art is up for grabs!

We’ve seen quite many rarities during our site existance, but this, I believe is one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen.

We are talking about the original painting from the Juzam Djinn by Mark Tedin.

The seller is no other than Daniel Chang, founder of Graded Magic Cards and one of the most famous collectors in the world of MtG. He’s got endless amount of super rare stuff and from time to time he might release something worth buying. Not cheap though!  If you want to adquire this masterpiece, you can do it straight from eBay, here there’s the auction:

Daniel, in his Juzam Djinn auction page, posted also a very cool video with an interview to Mark Tedin. You should check it out too:

I know this is totally out of my budget, but it would be so freaking cool to be in a position to think of buying this kind of stuff. They are selling other very cool (and expensive) stuff on their eBay store:

Savannah original art anyone?

6 Responses to “The Juzam Djinn original art is up for grabs!”

  • JACO:

    I’d probably pay about $2,500 for the original art to Juzam Djinn, but $200,000 is just asinine. I don’t know why he would even waste his time putting that up with that price tag, other than to humor himself at the cost of a few dollars.

  • Angelo:

    I was Speaking with Mark in Lyon;

    and we spoken about this Original Art.

    he told me that he sold it 3 weeks ago,
    and the price was 3500$

    of course i told him that now the Juzam art, its available in Ebay, and the price is 200K €
    he try to correct me and said
    “more than one car, you must be mistaken”
    and i answer,
    “excuse me, not more than one car, more than a Ferrari”
    and….he looks in this way O_O

    and he couldnt speak in about….6 long minutes.

    after this ponder time, he said:
    “the bigest mistake in all my life time..”


  • Jack Colwell:

    “after this ponder time, he said:
    ‘the bigest mistake in all my life time..’”

    I hope he doesn’t actually think that, because in no way did he sell a $200,000 piece of art for $3,500. Just because an ebay dealer wants this to be worth $200,000 doesn’t make it so.

    In actuality, $3,500 sounds like a pretty fair price. If the seller is actually interested in selling it, he should mark it at no more than $5,000 and be glad for the quick profit.

  • I also think than getting a 5600% benefit seems way too much.

  • Hello all,

    The item is intended for the right buyer and we are using it as a marketing piece also. We have had serious offers in the 5 figure range – nothing at the 6 figures yet!

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