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We are moving to Eternal-Central.com

We are moving to Eternal-Central.com

You might have wondered why it’s been so quiet around here lately. Well, we’ve been quite busy preparing what we believe it’s going to be a huge step forward. We can now officially announce the opening of the new eternal site www.eternal-central.com !!!

With Eternal Central (let’s call it EC to short it a bit) we plan to cover everything important that is going on the worldwide eternal scene. For that, we’ve incorporated 2 more excellent players that will contribute with their articles, reports, analysis, etc… The current EC staff is composed by:

Jason Jaco (JACO) – From my point of view, he’s one of the biggest gurus of Eternal. Not as famous as Menendian, but Jason definitely can write some kick ass articles. He’s also been, probably one of the best “pimpers” ever existed. Even though he sold LOTS of cards (^^¡) he still own some pretty cool stuff.

Benjamin Guillerm (Watanabe) – One of the players that has more influence in the french and European eternal scene. Devoted to Vintage and Legacy, Benjamin and his teammates from the GT-Team (http://www.team-gt.com/site/) are famous for having created the Selkie Fish (aka Noble Fish). Benjamin is a celebrity among the French community and I’m sure his good contacts will be really useful to make EC grow a lot.

Juan Vilar (Troin) – 20 top of the Spanish DCI Total Ranking, pro-player (u are such from the moment you gain 1 pro-point :P ) expert on Extended (if that exists anymore?) and Legacy, who will surely contribute a lot with his wisdom, reports and articles. On top of that, Juan is a web designer that will help us make EC look professional as well as even more functional.

Jordi Amat (piZZero) – That would be me ^^. Pimp freak and lover of the eternal formats who’s spent years contributing the community with the Team Pataners site. At some point, TP was probably the most successful blog around Europe, and that’s a thing I’m really proud of!

The team isn’t closed and we are totally up for new contributors from any countries. We only have two little requirements: You need to be able to write in English and you need to love the game. If you feel like joining the EC crew, send us a mail at eternal.central@gmail.com

We are super excited with this new release and we’d love hear what you’d love to read in this new website. We’ll also appreciate if you can criticize our new design (I know it’s very similar to TP, but we’ll work to make it lot more functional). Right now our main focuses are directed to covering big eternal events (such as the upcoming MTG Barato), writing good quality analysis and tournament reports.

With all this said, we do hope you enjoy Eternal Central in this new contribution to the eternal community.

Last, but not least, I’d like to say something regarding Team Pataners. With this announcement the TP site will stop its publishing activity. I’ve been writing here for more than 3 years and in 3 different languages (Catalan, Spanish and English) where I’ve experienced many wonderful moments. For those, I’d like to thank everyone that helped contribute and to everyone that came and read us everyday. In the end, the most important thing is to receive the feedback from you, readers. Without you it would be very hard to find the motivation to keep ruling. In some way it’s a sad moment for me, but this step was totally needed if I wanted to grow as a writer for the community. Jason has supported me a lot during these days and I do wanna say thank you to you too! Without him I wouldn’t probably found the forces to keep going and take this decision.

I’m pretty sure www.eternal-central.com will rock some day. Sooner or later, but it will. So, what I can do now is to recommend you visit us everyday so you are updated with the latest news from Eternal.

Cheers and thanks for reading!

6 Responses to “We are moving to Eternal-Central.com”

  • Hey !

    I made the communication on Solomoxen (french website for Vintage) and Legacy-France.

    I do it this evening on team-gt.com and try to prepare some articles for the new site !

  • JACO:

    Team Pataners will always be a part of our hearts, minds, and history. Thank you Jordi (and Guillem too!) for all of your hard work over the years. Let’s keep it going at the new site with even more energy! :)

  • Et desitjo molta sort en el nou projecte, de moment el posaré a favoritos i treure la del team pataners que suposo que no hi penjarás re mes, saludus!

  • LazZo:

    Nice! Good step forward, i’ll stay tuned to the new site.

    When will you have articles in Japanese ?? xDDDD


  • Gus Schade (yawg07):

    I’m super excited about this! Keep it up, you guys. This new site is going to be awesome.

  • It’s actually a great and useful piece of information.
    I am satisfied that you shared this useful info with us.
    Please stay us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

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