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Your help is needed!

Your help is needed!

I know we’ve been slacking a bit lately. There’s different reasons behind this slow posting rhythm and I’d like to explain you why.

First of all, both me and Jason have been pretty busy with stuff from our personal lives. I’ve spent the last 15 days painting my new apartment and reforming all those little things that needed to be fixed. Problem was, that I had to do that after my regular 9h of working at the restaurant. Anyways, this past weekend we (me and my GF) finally did the move of all our things and we are now settled in our new home. I hope I’ll have some more free time and forces at nights to write and recover the pace of the web.

On the other hand, Jason and I have been tinkering with the idea of moving on and make a step forward with the web. Team Pataners was created by a group of friends who loved to play Legacy and Vintage. We used the TP site to post reports, fun stuff, etc… but, nowadays, the that team doesn’t exist and it’s a bit silly to keep using that name.

So, with Jason we agreed on creating a new website, with a more mtg-eternal-related name for it. Even though we will keep the posts from January 2010 until today, as all of those are written in English, we’d love to start from scratch again. And that’s why your help is needed!

What things would you like to read on a eternal related website?

We’d love to read your comments with suggestions. Feel free to say what you like and what you don’t. Be honest and criticize with no mercy if needed. Our only way to improve our future site is by knowing your opinion.

Also, we’d love to have more people participating on the future website. The more people we are, the more dynamic the website will be. I had this cool idea of having at least one writer from each country with some eternal tradition (Spain, Germany, Italy, France, USA, etc…). But hey! If you are from a small country and you’d like to contribute, feel free to contact us too! This way, with people from different countries, it would lot easier to track everything that is going on at the eternal scene around the world. Let me explain myself better. If we have a team of 5 writers and each of them covers the information from their tournaments, reports, etc… at their country, don’t you agree it would be incredibly useful for the community?

We don’t require anything at all to apply for this writer positions. All you need is good will, have some knowledge of Vintage and Legacy and what’s happening on your country community, and to be able to write in English. We can’t offer any money to pay you back for your time, but in the future, if the new website works as intended, your work will be rewarded! Keep in mind that the Team Pataners website has had already some publicity agreements with stores and we got paid for allowing them placing publicity in the past. If we make this new website grow, I’m sure we can work the monetary part quite nicely.

We seek people willing to help with anything as long as they have passion for doing it. If you are an expert (or not so expert) on some deck and you’d like to have a weekly/monthly column to write about that deck, evolution of it, etc…, feel free to join as well. If you are a passionate about collecting cards and you’d like to write about that, or just post what other people have to share, feel free to ask as well. The more, the better!

Remember, this is a brand new project Jason Jaco and me (Jordi Amat) are willing to start. We’d love to see it grow in a way that benefits the whole community. If you think you can help, leave us a comment or use the contact us page .

Thanks for reading and for your time!

10 Responses to “Your help is needed!”

  • 34:


    I’d like to see more videos! Vintage games is prefered, but legacy is awesome aswell.

  • Hi there!

    I agree that we should post more videos. The feedback from the videos I recorded and edited was awesome, so I’m definitely going to be posting more!

    Next videos will be from the MtG Barato tournament in Valencia (July 3th-4th). I’ll be recording AND, if I get a decent internet connection there, broadcasting the top8 games live.

  • @Watanabe

    Mail recieved ;) I’ll answer to you as soon as possible.

  • @Pizzero :
    Ok, waiting for it :)

    Just wanna agree with 34. The work you’ve done on your videos is just amazing ! That is just a huge difference between you and another Eternal website : You’re the only one I know who have posted videos.

  • Thanks ^^¡

    You should check your mail again!

  • roon:

    I really liked your Vintage videos. It’s a shame there are so few quality videos of Vintage on the internet, so I’m glad to hear you plan on doing more!

  • 34:

    Hello again!

    Sounds great with new videos! Although i’m still awaiting game 3 of the LCV6 Final. When is it coming? If you don’t have time to edit it, just upload it anyways!

    I much prefer with slighty less editing. When the tendrils guys draw cards and you insert black lotus, gifts ungiven and the 3rd card – that is to much in my opinion. Also the “fail” pictures.

    Anyhow, that’s just my 2 cents so thumbs up!

  • Hey!

    I know the 3rd video is taking forever! Actually, with me moving into a new apartment and my work absorbing me more than I expected, my free time is being reduced to almost zero. Anyways, I’ll be offline for a week, since I’m going to NY on holidays, but on the way back I promise a lot of cool things coming up :)


  • Jonas:

    I’m a casual player, and i came here because i think you pimp stuff is awesome! I like to read the articles about brewing decks, about pimp-stuff and i love the video’s about matches. If you keep those comming i’d be happy!

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